Context-augmented Intelligence Platform for your discussions

We combine human context and AI to detect and keep track of ideas, opportunities and risks and assign deliverables across your entire team by recording, transcribing and analysing high stakes discussions.

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Incentivize engagement, cultivate machine intuition and gather knowledge

Conversation tracking

Keep track of what matters

Detect your blind spots. Get clearly defined important points and decisions out of discussions with teams, customers and stakeholders. Track progress and bring everyone on the same page

Conversaion analytics

Gain insights

Know who came up with a brilliant idea and who alarmed for a possible devastating risk. Identify problem solvers and key contributors. See what your people are talking about and if they’re happy.

Bring personal context to conversations

Save personal context

Every person comes to a discussion with their own valuable knowledge and context. Detect their “aha moment”. Make this context an asset.

Conversation knowledge base

Build a knowledge base

Find related discussions, refer to old ones and take advantage of the collective knowledge of your team. Live up old valuable content by adding new context and sharing it.

Incentivize engagement, cultivate machine intuition and gather knowledge

Incentivize and enhance Conversations
Incentivize and enhance Conversations

How Acrossio Works

Record and add context to conversations

Recording & Adding Context

Video, Audio, Screen... everything is recorded. During discussions, participants add their context in a simple non disruptive way.

Transcribing & Analyzing

Recorded audio is transcribed from speech to text and recorded video is analyzed. The conversation is indexed and becomes searchable and enhanced with intelligent data.
Transcribe conversations
Analyze conversations

Enhancing & Expanding

Based on the participant content, Acrossio identifies possible missed key parts of the conversation and cross-matches with other recordings. Recordings can be shared with other users who can also add their context afterwards.

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