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Discussions / Lectures

Keep track of discussions
Acrossio provides a way to add context to your discussions or lectures no matter where you hold them.
Locally or remote, use our native (webRTC) or Zoom integrated video to bring your team in sync.
Record discussions to the cloud

Record everything directly to the Cloud

Acrossio records directly to the cloud and takes advantage of all aspects of a discussion: Camera, Microphone and Screen sharings are stored in the cloud.
* Zoom integrated accounts require a paid Zoom plan to record in the cloud.

Record discussions to the cloud

Bring your own recordings

Take advantage of Acrossio's AI (artificial intelligence) and contextualization capabilities in your existing recordings:
Create sessions from existing Youtube or Vimeo videos, or upload your own MP4 recordings *

Add your own context

Bring your own context in real time

Participants can add their own “aha moments” and context during the discussion in a simple and non disruptive way, using colored contextual markers.
We call this "human assisted AI" or "content in context".

Actionables from discussions

Gather and monitor actionables

Actionables are gathered and sent to participants at the end of each discussion and they can be synchronized with 3rd party task management systems.
*We support Asana out of the box. More 3rd party integrations for actionables will be supported soon.

Actionables from discussions

3rd party communication solutions supported

Discuss and meet with your own communication solution while adding context . We support cloud telephony or ZOOM right now.
*More communication providers will be supported soon.


Discussion recording playback
Acrossio provides a birds eye view of the recorded discussion allowing you to spot important parts quickly and efficiently.
Enhance and comment on conversation

Enhancing and commenting

Enhance existing recordings by adding new contextual elements, or by commenting on existing ones. Mention other users having access to a recording to start a conversation at that point of the recording.

Transcribe conversations to text


Acrossio turns the conversation into searchable text. Currently US and UK English are supported. Transcription quality can be greatly enhanced to match custom vocabularies *

Keyword tracking and extraction in discussions

Keyword tracking *

Track when a keyword is mentioned in a discussion and identify key points

Actionables from discussions

Detect context and actionables *

Acrossio automatically marks important parts of the discussion based on your previously added context. Also, actionables are detected and synced with 3rd party services.


Search discussions
Acrossio allows you to search and pinpoint important facts of the discussion. Search results can lead you back to the original moment in time something was mentioned, earning valuable time.

Search context

Context and comments added by participants and viewers.

Search transcribed text *

The audio transcription of the discussion is searchable.

Search video text *

Any text captured through the participant's video camera are searchable.

Search in uploaded files *

We index and make the files uploaded to a discussion searchable too.

Sharing & Permissions

Sharing and permissions
Recordings and all their accompanying data (transcription, contextual elements etc.) can be shared to other members of the team.
Sharing and permissions on discussion recording

Enterprise Level Granular permissions

Recordings can be made accessible to other users, groups or the whole team / organization. To enhance security mishappenings, all participants need to confirm sharing.

Permanent links to discussions

Permanent links to elements

Each contextual element gets its own permalink. Share this with other users who have permission to view it, to quickly navigate to specific parts of recordings.

Organize your Content and Context

Data organization
Acrossio provides all the essential tools to organize recordings and people for quick access and reference
User groups and enterprise security

Groups and Enterprise Security

Users can join or be added to groups. Groups can be visible to everyone in your team, company network or only visible to group members. They can be formed by private invitation or made public, allowing your connections to request to join in.

Personal knowledge library

Personal libraries

Recordings can be added to personal libraries for quick reference, building your personal knowledge library. Libraries can also be shared to the team or organization to foster collective knowledge sharing (private beta)


Administrators can manage all aspects of their team / network in an Enterprise level way.

User management

Administrators can add, invite, edit and manage access to the team users.

Network management

Administrators can set up branding and manage access through 3rd party credentials.

Note: Items marked with  * are available in a closed subset of our users. They will soon be available to everyone.